Privacy Policy

In this document, website is calling named YLPorn.

YLPorn is respect to own visitor's privacy and YLPorn prepared this policy to tell everything as clearly.

Using Information
  • When a visitor reached into this website; web server software keeps visitor IP address, browser user-agent, the requested page and date/time.
  • YLPorn uses a metric application named Google Analytics for calculating visitor actions and getting improvements to the website. Google Analytics collects some pieces of information like this;
    • Your web browser and provided information by the web browser (ex: resolution, clicked areas, your mouse actions).
    • The geographic location of your public Internet IP.
    • Visited pages and visitor actions in these pages (like clicked areas and session times).
Collecting Information
  • YLPorn will not share collecting information to any firm/person. This informations can be seen just by the website owners.
  • YLPorn will not ask your real name, your age, your location, credit card details etc in anywhere on this website.
  • YLPorn will use collected information for improvement about the providing contents.
  • YLPorn uses cookies for contents. This means when you clicked a content, YLPorn will create a cookie on your browser and will use it on the related contents (ex: last watched videos, watchlist).
  • 3rdparty software like Google Analytics or advertisement firm(s) can create a cookie on your browser for calculating returns.
  • YLPorn will use advertisement revenue model to continue to provide contents.
  • YLPorn can't control advertisement network and YLPorn can't be responsible clicked advertisements.
  • Advertisements can be related to your web history or static contents. It depends on the advertisement firm.
Additional Information
  • YLPorn can't verify visitor's age like the other websites.
  • If you're a parent and if you think your children watch videos on YLPorn, you can block this website via your Internet Provider's interface or your security software.
  • YLPorn collects videos from some of the known sources. YLPorn don't create original contents, just provides best contents in a box.
  • YLPorn does not allow child and animal porn. When you see a content related to this situation, report content. YLPorn will remove it and will inform the original source website.
  • YLPorn can change this policy any time for improvements about your privacy.